A large part of Alconbury Weald will be developed on the brownfield former airfield of RAF Alconbury. The former airfield was occupied from 1938 to 1995, and came under the control of both the British and American Air Forces. The material remains on the site - its hangars, control centres, bunkers and huts - reflect a complex and fascinating history. The site also includes areas of historic farmland and a scheduled ancient monument in Prestley Wood.

With five designated heritage assets – which stretch from the remains of a 13th Century manor house to the reinforced bunkers of the 1980s Cold War tensions – the past will always be present.

Our Outline Application sets out our plans to ensure not just the historic significance of the site, but also details, alignments, structures and historical events which can be interwoven into the fabric of the development and that Alconbury Weald in turn can be integrated into the historic environment around it. We will do this by:

  • Retention, conservation, re-use and interpretation of the site’s designated heritage assets
  • Preservation and archiving of artefacts, records and drawings related to the site’s buildings and use
  • Development of community history and archaeology projects which will ensure public involvement in the protection of the site’s heritage significance

To find out more about our approach to heritage please see our factsheet, or to find out more about the history of the site please click on the boxes below.