Alconbury Weald’s connections to the road and rail network are one of the fundamental strengths of its location for working and living. Equally, many of the conversations we’ve had with local partners and communities identified concerns about traffic levels.

To develop our plans, we have been working with local partners to:

  • Understand the current transport situation
  • Scenario plan for a range of future options on site and around the local area
  • Develop a robust and flexible strategy which works for the area as a whole

To do this we have carried out:

  • 2 years of planning and consultation with joint transport authorities
  • 5500 recorded speed surveys in 33 different locations
  • Counting of 690,000 vehicle trips
  • 12 different model scenarios

The approach we have come up with is based on two fundamental principles:

  • Reducing the need for individual trips on the highway network, by providing alternatives such as train, bus, cycle and pedestrian options
  • Ensuring that the local and strategic road network has the necessary capacity

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