One of Alconbury Weald’s guiding principles has always been to create a sense of place, and this has been reinforced in discussions with local partners, local communities and local businesses.

To ensure a successful and sustainable community for those living and working at Alconbury Weald the development will deliver a range of community facilities and spaces. These assets will also support and compliment facilities in Huntingdon and the surrounding villages, and ensure the development integrates with the surrounding area.

The community principles which underpin the Outline Application are:

  • Being part of the Huntingdonshire community: Understanding what facilities exist in the local area – whether they are over-run or in need of additional custom – helps us understand what needs to be on site and where Alconbury Weald can support existing facilities.
  • Providing facilities and services on site: We know that we need to deliver significant and sustainable healthcare services – such as GPs and dentists – as well as local schools, policing, libraries, faith and community space, sports and play areas. We’re working with local authorities and health partners on an agreed approach to provide flexible services, in high quality space, at the right time over the 20 year build out of the development.
  • Supporting active citizens: We know that communities and their facilities survive and thrive due to the commitment and passion of people. There are many examples of this happening around Alconbury Weald at the moment and we are proud to support such initiatives. From allotments and community orchards, to community trusts and volunteer timebanks, we want to create the infrastructure which will bring together businesses from the Enterprise Zone and third sector groups to forge a shared sense of community.

We have sought to develop the plans for Alconbury Weald for people and with people. You can find out more about our future plans to make Alconbury Weald a great place to live from our information factsheet.

As we plan for the future of the new community, we are proud to support our neighbouring communities and engage with them in a number of ways:

  • Sponsoring Alconbury Colts Under 14 team
  • Supporting Alconbury Youth Club and Fusion Holiday Clubs
  • Carrying out Ermine Street tree planting
  • Setting up and working with the Ermine Street Traffic Group
  • Working with the Joint Parish Council Liaison Group
  • Supporting Oxmoor Community Action Group and the resident’s newsletter
  • Working with the Stukeleys on a Community Allotments Project
  • Supporting Alconbury Primary School’s Outdoor Learning Centre
  • Working with Huntingdon Rugby Club
  • Sponsoring the 50th anniversary year of the Huntingdonshire Male Voice Choir
  • Supporting the Huntingdonshire Community Nursery
  • Working with HSEP and local schools on the Huntingdonshire Employability Project
  • Working with Groundworks to help people get skills and jobs through community projects
  • Working with the Airfield Research Group, Stukeleys Heritage Group and Abbey College Ramsey, to develop the history of the site