Alconbury Weald comes to town


Alconbury Weald has opened an Information Exchange in Huntingdon Town Centre. The shop in St Benedict’s Court - close to the Library - will be a one stop shop for people to find out the latest about the 20 year development.
The shop - which will initially be open each Wednesday - will also be used to promote contract opportunities to local businesses. In time it will become the jobs hub as the development both takes forward major construction and landscaping work onsite and attracts new businesses who want to recruit people from the local area.
Rebecca Britton, Communities and Partnerships for Urban&Civic said:
"Since we bought the former airfield - which we're transforming into Alconbury Weald - we've been inviting as many people as we can in to see the place, talk about the plans, listen to views and ideas and answer questions. Having a base in the town centre enables us to reach more people, and is part of our plans to ensure we maximise the potential for local businesses and local people to benefit from the opportunities of the 20 year development"
The shop will also be used as a centre for events and courses linked to the development through partnerships with Jobcentre Plus, the Regional College, the Local Enterprise Partnership and local authorities.
The shop is open 10-4 each Wednesday and for specific events which will be advertised locally.