Additional Information Submitted in support of the Outline Planning Application


 Urban&Civic have submitted Additional Information and Briefing Notes in support of the Outline Planning Application for Alconbury Weald.
The provision of this information follows on from a review of the feedback Huntingdonshire District Council received from  the public consultation on the Outline Application after its submission in August 2012. The Council then set out areas for further discussion and clarification. One of the key elements of this feedback was the recommendation that the location of the secondary school be moved to a position more central within the site.
The Additional Information which Urban&Civic submitted is set out in 2 ways: one section features formal revisions to the original documents, which reflect the recommended changes.  The Council also asked for clarifications on key topics which have been provided as Briefing Notes and cover landscape and visual impact, ecology, waste, energy and transport.
Tim Leathes, Project Director for Urban&Civic said:
“The consultation and feedback process has been constructive and helpful, and we are grateful for the support people have shown throughout to ensure we get the plans and implementation of this major strategic development right - both for the area’s economic growth, but also to ensure a good and enduring quality of life for new and existing residents.”
Following consultation on the additional information the Council’s planning team will draw together the officer’s report which will be considered at the Development Management Plan’s meeting in October. That meeting will make the formal decision on whether the outline planning permission should be granted. If they do give consent then a Development Framework will be agreed which incorporates conditions and legal agreements – including developer contributions to infrastructure and facilities onsite and within the wider area.  
Urban&Civic have produced a further guide to help people navigate the additional information and the next stages of the planning process. This is available in the Alconbury Weald online library at The additional information is available on the Huntingdonshire District Council’s Alconbury Weald portal.