A place to live life to the full...

A place to live life to the full...

Buying a new house is always exciting, especially a new build – whether you favour neutral tones or a splash of colour, your new house provides a blank canvas on which you can stamp your personality and make your house a home.

Being part of a new development provides similar opportunities within your new community. 

When you move into your new home, you will receive a Welcome Pack that tells you all about your new house and your neighbourhood.  

From the moment you move in, you will be able to pop down to the community shop to buy a newspaper and milk for your morning cuppa; head over to the gym for a work out; or pop over to the Club café for lunch, to meet up with friends or just enjoy a tempting treat..  

The school will not only be an inspiring centre for learning but also a hub for the new community: with meeting rooms, sports facilities, and clubs, including a Girlguiding group, walking and cycling club,  and football team starting from September 2016. 

If you venture a little further you’ll find pubs, restaurants and shops as well as a wide range of other leisure facilities. Click here to download a map

A place to grow together...

Moving into Alconbury Weald is a great way to invest in you and your family’s future.  You are joining us at the start of an exciting journey and we are committed to making this one of the best-loved and most desirable locations to live, work and experience life in Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Site owner and developer, Urban&Civic’s project team is based at the Club and will be working to ensure the high standards achieved from the outset are consistent throughout the whole development.

Significant investment has gone into ensuring the site is sustainably prepared and that green infrastructure was prioritised early so new residents would not have to wait long to fully enjoy the feel that we envisaged for the development.

From the moment the first house on site is occupied, we will have a one-stop-shop for advice and support for new residents moving into the area – for everything from organising car share forums and helping set up new community groups to the maintenance of common areas.

That care and attention continues from the first tree to the last brick and beyond: with an estate management team in place to ensure long term management of the landscape, community buildings, ponds and waterways.

Click here to download the brochure or call us on 01480 413141 for more information