A place to learn, explore and thrive

A place to learn, explore and thrive

A safe, exciting and inspiring setting in which children will learn and thrive is an essential part of Alconbury Weald and education facilities are located at the heart of the community.

Primary Schools

Ermine Street Church Academy, opening in September 2016, is the first of three primary schools planned for Alconbury Weald.  The school sits on the axis of the site’s former taxiways to provide a historic location at the heart of the new community.  Its innovative Y-shaped design is made up of three separate wings for the different key stages and the double-height vaulted roof assembly hall will form the central core of the building.

The school is designed around creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment in which all pupils develop a love of learning, achieve well and are encouraged to become successful learners and responsible citizens.

Adrian Shepherd, head of Ermine Street Church Academy said:  “The new primary school will sit at the heart of the new community and we will take a proactive approach, ensuring we are open and accessible – providing a community resource for new residents and families moving into the area. 

“The new school building is inspirational: the internal structure as well as the outdoor space provide fantastic opportunities for learning and we want to ensure an organic, collaborative approach to the curriculum – so the children are fully engaged and excited about learning.”

What you need to know…

  •  Inspirational new school building
  •  An organic, collaborative approach to the curriculum
  • Visionary leadership, excellent teaching
  • Capacity will build to create a 420 children school with an early years wrap around care facilities
  • Children from all backgrounds and abilities 

For more information, visit www.ermstca.org

Ermine Street Church Academy is part of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, which has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in delivering and maintaining high quality teaching and learning. 

Secondary Education

A secondary school is planned for Alconbury Weald, which is due to start taking in pupils from 2019/20.

In the meantime Alconbury Weald is in the catchment area of Sawtry Village Academy, offering a high-quality education and is committed to developing all students into successful, confident, responsible and employable citizens. Sawtry Village Academy is part of Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust.  Other secondary schools include Hinchingbrooke College, St Peters School and Kimblton School.

Further and higher education

The area has a rich choice of Further and Higher education including:

  • Huntingdonshire Regional College
  • Peterborough Regional College
  • Cambridge Regional College
  • The College of West Anglia
  • West Anglia Training Association

There is also a wealth of apprenticeship schemes being developed in the area including with contractors working on Alconbury Weald.  In the summer of 2017, iMET will be open, the Alconbury Weald skills centre.

iMET Skills Centre

iMET is a new training facility that will deliver advacned technical skills in manufacturing, engineering and technology, focusing on both innovation and developing existing skills.  It will sit next to the Mid-Tech cluster in the Enterprise Campus and provide modern, professional skill development, qualifications and career opportunities.

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