A place that connects...

A place that connects...

Your new home is in one of the best-connected locations in the UK.  

At its heart, Alconbury Weald has been designed to encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by creating walkable neighbourhoods, providing an extensive network of safe, well-lit cycleways and investing in easily accessible, reliable public transport.

Careful consideration has also been given to car users with investment being made in road safety and improved traffic flows on local roads as well as increased capacity on the A14.  

With Cambridge Airport and London Stansted Airport less than an hour away, Alconbury Weald isn’t just well connected locally and regionally, but also nationally and internationally.

What you should know…

  • A bus stop within easy walking distance of the first new homes. 
  • Free bus tickets for new residents.  
  • On route B of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.
  • Nearest train station is 15 minutes away in Huntingdon.  
  • Alconbury Weald rail station planned as part of a £22 billion investment in East Coast Mainline, Crossrail, and Thameslink. 
  • Car share forums being established.
  • Green Travel Plan to help businesses on site minimise car use by their workforce.

 To find out more information about connections from Alconbury Weald please visit our Travel Alconbury Weald sitedownload the Alconbury Weald Home brochure or call us on 01480 413141