Urban&Civic was founded in 2009 by Nigel Hugill and Robin Butler as a private-equity backed property group dedicated to enabling and delivering strategic development in growth areas in the UK. They have pulled together an experienced and like-minded team which draws on their experience of high quality, low carbon, transformative developments, developed through engagement and partnership with local authorities and local communities.

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Our approach
We focus on transforming large-scale, strategic sites and the creation of mixed use developments, because with scale comes the ability to make a difference. Working at scale enables you to deliver high quality and low carbon infrastructure and housing; provide transformative opportunities for local people and local areas; and create not just houses but communities and landscapes for people to put down roots and grow. 

Alongside our experience we value the expertise and views of the people and communities we work with. We want local knowledge, local views and aspirations to shape this development. Since we bought the site we have been engaged in  conversations and built relationships, which will continue to grow as the site develops. We are making a huge investment in this site, and plan to be involved in the long term. We have developed four guiding principles which run through this project and go to the heart of what we want to achieve on this site:

  • A focus on transformational employment and enterprise
  • Linking Landscapes and people
  • Using resources wisely – a low carbon approach
  • Creating a sense of place.

We welcome your views on our approach and guiding principles for the site, and hope you will join us in making Alconbury Weald something of which we can all be proud.